It’s easy to make a habit you just need money and time 

You can’t have a reason to back down, and I’ve just lost mine 

So I’m gonna get fucked up, gonna get tore down, twisted till I go blind 

I’m drinking for two and I’m making up for lost time 

I’m gonna get blown up get into a fist fight 

If I don’t win well that’s all right 

Don’t help me stand I don’t need nobody’s arm 

I’m just gonna smoke weed till my eyes bleed 

Drink Jim Beam till it cures me 

And I’ll explode like a rocket on the Forth of July 


And don’t even try 

And don’t even try 

To stop me because I’m a free man 

And fuck you for ever trying 

You used to tell me to stop when all the lights were green 

But now I’m burning down the old fence that I called indifference

I didn’t care before but I’m learning how not to feel 

So I’m gonna get my head right gonna get my mind numb 

Walk a crooked line and then some 

I was a sober man when you were the boss of me


But fuck you I’m free 

Fuck you I’m free


And don’t even try 

And don’t even try 

To tell me that I’m stupid cause I know that you asshole 

I’m not better than this but I’m better than you 

So I’m gonna get twisted gonna get cross-eyed 

As wasted as my sweet time

I’m gonna be much more fun now that we’re through 

And I’m gonna be passed out on the front lawn naked with your mom 

And we’d have gone inside but then you’d have never seen 


Fuck you I’m free

Fuck you I’m free

Fuck you I’m free

Fuck you I’m free