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When you strip away the fluff of pop, throw out the country flair, remove the cynicism of alternative, and turn up the beauty of americana, you begin to have an idea of where Tom’s music falls. Tom Rhodes plays real, honest music that dives down to the heart of the matter and holds you there until you realize it’s where we all belong. With his latest release, “With or Without” (2014), Tom has moved his music further back on the dial and created a warm place for his raspy road worn voice and deceptively simple guitar.

Since his first self titled solo release in 2004, Tom has put out three more albums – each with a sound of its own. “No Apologies” (2006) moves from rock to reggae to country within 15 songs. “Better Son” (2011) planted footing in the Alt-Country/Folk scene, gaining nods as one of the top 20 albums of 2011 (AMDWHH) and Top 5 Country albums (Nerve.com). With his latest release, there is another turn: bringing in big vocal harmonies and an amazing backing band.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Tom grew up mostly in the DC area playing in bars and clubs at 16. He moved to New York City in late 2003 where he came into his own as a solo artist and songwriter, releasing two albums there. In 2006, he moved to Wilmington, NC where he worked on writing and getting his songs published on Network TV, Cable, and independent movies. In 2011, he and his wife and dog Barkley sold almost everything that they owned and packed up to move out to San Francisco, CA where they now reside.

Tom continues to play shows all over the United States and Europe with his new band, looking for new audiences to help spread his music and loves making new friends along the way. With hundreds of unreleased songs, and thousands of stories still waiting to be told, there will be years of content to come from this life-long troubadour.


Vocals - Guitar / Tom Rhodes
Bass / Oscar Westesson
Pedal Steel - Guitar / Tim Marcus
Drums / Andrew Laubacher & Kyle Caprista


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what the people are saying

"With Or Without" by Tom Rhodes is one of the most sing-alongable albums I've heard in a good while. The hooks are clever, the rhythms feel good, and the lyrics are infectious. I admire the guitar work on this collection which is clearly a cut above what you get from most singer/songwriters. But it's the good-natured every man attitude I like best about his music.

Calvin Powers, Americana Music Show (Apr 28, 2015)

"Tom Rhodes is a Creature of Limitless Potential..."

Jacqueline Jax, Behind the Music with Jacqueline Jax (Feb 08, 2015)

"With Or Without, the fourth self-released album from East Bay singer-songwriter Tom Rhodes, has taken the concept of a live album — the attempt to capture that specific face-to-face, performer-audience magic — and distilled it like a fine whiskey. Created over the course of four separate live performances in November in front of intimate studio audiences at San Francisco's own Coast Recorders, the resulting music sounds like you've been snuck into something secret and awesome." -SF Bay Guardian, August, 11, 2014

Emma Silvers, SF Bay Guardian (Aug 11, 2014)

“With or Without” is a diamond in the rough: an album tasteful, restrained, and devoid of cynicism. It is a beautiful thing to behold.”

Beach Sloth, Skope Mag (Dec 03, 2014)

“Tom Rhodes rises from his roots on “With or Without” There’s something about the sounds of lo-fi acoustic guitars and lap steel licks that sooth the soul. Tom Rhodes does all that and more in his latest release “With or Without”, telling us stories of truth, while keeping us calm and cool with deep, raspy vocals, organic harmonies, and raw instrumentation. Folk, Country, Americana, and Rock fans alike would enjoy this release from the San Francisco based singer/songwriter. I picture a nice, heavy pour of whiskey alongside this one, but to be sipped, taking in the complexity of the flavors, much like we should take in these songs.”

Glitter Rose, Indiehabit.com (Sep 18, 2014)

“Tom Rhodes – Better Son Screw old the system of musicians being at the arbitrary mercy of record companies; Tom Rhodes sells his self-financed albums on the Internet and at live gigs. His sophomore album of alt.country should by rights sell enough to pay the singer’s bills and more. In sound and in merit, it recalls one of the best albums of 2010, Ryan Bingham’s Junky Star. Bourbon-voiced Rhodes must have had confidence in his set of songs: he keeps the album’s best track, the title number, for the finale.”

- Nerve.com 5 Albums you Should be listening to Right Now, Halfhearteddude.com (Dec 16, 2011)