"Crumbling Road" Video Premiers on Guitar World Magazine

Tom's first single from "Who You Were" premiered on www.GuitarWorld.com! Follow the link to read the wonderful write up, or watch it on the link below! 

When I am telling a story it has to come from a place of truth, I have to know what I am saying is real or it's not worth talking about. Sometimes, if you're lucky, the person who breaks your heart also gives you the tools to fix it.

Netflix series The Ranch to use "It's Still True" in upcoming season

Fresh off of signing with Platform Music Group out of Los Angeles, CA Tom has landed his first licensing deal through them. Netflix will be launching a new series in April called The Ranch, it will star Sam Elliot and Ashton Kutcher, but over here at Tom Rhodes Music we are happy to announce that it will also be featuring one of the songs off of 'With or Without'. 

Ryan Gaines at Platform Music is very optimistic that we will be announcing more and more shows carrying Tom's music.

New Album Coming in 2016 - Crowdfunding Has Started

I can finally announce one of the amazing projects that I have been working on behind the scenes. I am most of the way through the recording of a new album to be released in 2016 entitled 'Who You Were'. I need your help to finish the process and to get this album out into the world properly. Please head over to www.fundtom.com to find out more! In addition to the perks that are on the site contributors will have access to some of the songs before anyone else and get exclusive behind the scenes looks at the creation process. If you like what you see please share!

Big Love,