Rock Star


Making out, well that sounds like fun 

Drink it up the night’s just begun 

Getting out, well that sounds alright but getting in, 

That sounds like fun, why don’t we say good night 

Say what’d you say, you’re gonna meet me by the car? 

Well I’ll be right out, I’m a big rock star 


Cocaine? Ok... 

Free drinks, aww now that sounds more like me 

Hot girls hot girls I think I’ll burn myself 

Go on and melt one down til there ain’t nothing left 

What’d you say, said you met me at the bar? 

Well I don’t remember you but I’m a big rock star 


So take me out we’ll paint the town in a cherry red 

If I’m all strung out I guess you’ll just take me home instead 

Now what’d you say, your apartment’s not too far? 

Well that’s cool by me, I’m a big rock star