She’s a very special girl with her own way 

She’s your lover and your child on the same day 

She speaks in all the beautiful colors but she sees in grays 

And woah,  it’s too easy to dismiss her 

So you just stay stay and stay


And she says la-de-da-di-di-da

She’ll sing la-de-da-di-di-da


She says that you’re a very special boy and you make her smile 

When you hold her in your arms she wants to stay a little while 

But she passes off your loving eyes as juvenile 

And when you talk about the future she falls back on denial 


While you say la-de-da-di-di-da

You’ll say la-de-da-di-di-da



She said it just like that

She said ooh


So now you’re trying to impress her

She walks away 

Says it’s the moments when you’re quiet

That make her want to play 

So you ask her for forever in some old fashioned way 

It’s the answer she lays on you that makes you want to stay 

Stay stay stay


I want to stay

I want to stay

I want to stay

I want to stay with you