Well I gotta get out of Texas cause they won't have me here. 

It seems I've made a pretty girl cry over something that wasn't really there. 

And her father says he'll kill me, and I might deserve to die,

but I had meant every word that I had said

at the time. 

I just such a fine line. 

It's such a fine line. 


Now you probably think I'm crazy and in some ways you might be right 

but don't let my wild eyes fool you, I keep 'em wide to keep from crying. 

Because she was one sweet senorita, and she had a heart like honey wine,

and I swore it was the drinks that made me cheat her, but the fault was mine. 

But it's such a fine line 

It's such a fine line 


But now I keep my head down 

 And I bow my eyes real low 

And I keep wondering just how far my fine lines gonna go. 


Because I know that I've wronged her and I wanna say I'm sorry. 

God I hope that I can fade from her mind or she can forgive me in time. 


There's such a fine line 

There's such a fine line 

There's such a fine line 

There's such a fine line