Who You Were


Cold coffee

I’m walking sideways on a damp sidewalk over the highway

Southbound looks clear from here to home


My thoughts are shaky like cobwebs in bushes

And memories comeback in moments and rushes

I’m lost and dreaming the way you taught me to be


And suddenly I’m 10 years old and we’re ankle deep 

With our fishing rods in that old brown creek

And I’m looking up to you and you’re smiling down at me


Sleepwalking down through the city

It’s a cold morning the windows are sweaty

I find myself outside looking in a music store

With empty pockets replaced by a jingle

And tens and twenties made from a single

And hard work learned from a man who loves his craft


And suddenly I’m 17 and I’m out of school

And you’re shaking my hand and I’m grinning like a fool

And you told me to follow my heart and I listened well


I dreamed I 

I saw you wave bye and I knew

I dream I 

I saw you wave goodbye and I knew

You were moving on


Feeling weightless unsteady 

I set my feet but I wasn’t ready

When life hits you boy you’re going to your knees


Suddenly I’m 33 and you are gone 

And I’m holding on to memories as if they were gold

And I know I am the man I am thanks to the man you were

And I want to thank you

And I want to thank you

And I want to thank you