Don't Call It A Podcast #1 - With Charlie Wilson & Matt Lucas

Don't Call it a Podcast... let's call it a conversation with friends, let's call this people talking, call it whatever you want, hell call it podcast if you want. Throughout my life I have met amazingly beautiful, smart, articulate people with cool information in their heads, and now I have the ability to record some of those people doing what they do so well, talking in a room to a friend. 

Some of these conversations will be directed or steered a little bit, some might be timely, but mostly this recording project is just going to be unedited meandering conversations with people I respect.

This conversation picks up in the middle of a larger conversation that we were having while I was setting up and moves around a lot, but it's mostly about music, finding your zen in a room full of haters, some advice for people starting out in music, and some fun stories.  

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I hope that you enjoy it, there is some NSFW language in here so if you are offended by curse words here is your heads-up.