Mental Hygiene Podcast #5 - The Weight of Stuff

With the process of packing for an impending move I am forced to reckon with the physical and psychological weight of my possessions. I realize that this weight is with me all of the time, even when I'm away from the actual stuff. There has to be a way to reduce this weight to allow ourselves to be more agile and feel freer. Ownership and possession are not simply a one way street, they require maintenance and protection, and I am realizing that I don't keep that in my consciousness when acquiring things. This podcast is just a bit of a conversation with myself about that and trying to work out some solutions. 

At the end there is some cool news about upcoming stuff and some announcements about exciting things happening in my career as a musician. This is a pretty short episode as I have to actually pack my computer and microphone directly after recording. Catch you soon from my new digs.


Big Love