The Slow Burn

My last album “With or Without” came out in March of last year and I still stand behind my opinion that it is the best piece of work that I have ever done. When I set out to make the record I was just coming into a new phase of my work, I changed over from writing about what I felt to writing about things that I know. It takes maturity and life experience to approach writing that way, I know that now, but at the time it just felt like I was saying things that I felt compelled to say to the world. There is normally a strange expectation that happens when I release an album that it will instantly take off, but I didn’t have that same expectation with “With or Without”. I expected this album to be a slow burn, that listeners would need to sit with it for a few plays before they warmed up to it and started to tell others that they like it and want more of it. Over a full year after the release of that album I am just now beginning to see it catch on. Lately a number or radio stations (both internet and terrestrial) have started adding my songs into their rotation and I am starting to be approached by people for TV and commercial licensing opportunities. It is great feeling when your art is recognized as valuable, and I just want to take a quick moment to thank a few of those stations for playing my music and to encourage my friends and fans to help spread the word. It is a slow burn, but hopefully with a little bit of help from all of us we can start a fire from these embers. 


KGUP 106.5 in LA has started playing my songs including “Calling Out”, if you would like to hear them play more songs you can make requests on the phone or online at or calling 401-283-6938


The Americana Music Show out of North Carolina has been playing songs from “With or Without” in rotation and even done some interviews with me. You can find them at 


Lonely Oak Radio has been very supportive and had me in the rotation daily. You can listen online and request songs at


CyberFM Country is a great online radio station that has also been very supportive


There are many more put there playing my tunes, and I will try to update the list of stations as they contact me, it is hard to track them down by searching. It has taken a while to get some airtime, but it is starting to come more and more. Please consider calling your favorite radio station and requesting your favorite songs off of “With or Without”. As an independent musician I don’t have the budget to pay stations to play my music, so the only way to get it on the air is for people to ask for it. All of the stations listed above will also tweet out when they are playing one of my songs, if you see one of those tweets consider sharing it or hitting the favorite button to let them know that you care. You can find me on twitter @giantsackoftom


Thank you all so much,