Don't Call It A Podcast #2 - With Jessie Bridges

Jessie Bridges is a good friend and an amazing person. We met through Tim Marcus who plays guitar and pedal steel with me on "With or Without" and at live shows Tim gigs with both of us and thought that we would get along so he encouraged me to meet up with her. We grabbed a cup of coffee and started talking one afternoon and wound up talking for hours about everything you can imagine. Jessie is that type of person, the one who is comfortable in her own skin and self assured enough to follow a conversation wherever it goes and stay fully engaged. We sat down the other day for another conversation, only this time with the microphones running. I wanted to share her thoughts on "making it" as she has a very specific point of view. 

Jessie's father is Jeff Bridges, her uncle is Beau, and her grandfather is the great Lloyd Bridges. She comes from a family that is Hollywood royalty and this has given her some insights that 99% of us will not have experienced. So sit back, relax, grab a cup of hot coffee and listen along with us.

You can find Jessie Bridges' music at and chek out her epsisode of Welcome to my Apartment